Rise of the Runelords

Shadows of Time

The Skinsaw Murders

Session: 11
Summary Dates: 13 Neth – 17 Neth
Experience Points: 3,700
Fame Events: 1 Assisting Mayor Groberos
Downtime Earned: 3 Days

Hidden beneath the grimy, blackened goliath that is the Irespan, the lesser works of men huddle like weeds at the foot of the great trees that are the ruined bridge’s stone supports. Near one of these supports leans a decrepit and sagging clock tower, a dying structure of weathered stone, wood, and rusted metal supports that teeters to an unlikely height of over 180 feet. High above, near the tower’s roof and barely 5 feet from the Irespan’s stony belly, a tangle of scaffolding sits near a section of the structure that has fallen away. The tower’s clock face is frozen in time, defiantly (and falsely) proclaiming it to be 3 o’clock, while above, a stone statue of an angel, her wings crumbling, leans precariously, almost as if she were preparing a final leap from her decaying perch.

It is here the party rushes toward. It is here they nearly meet their death. The ascent begins immediately with combat. Inside the tower is an awakened golem, something from the past, and almost too much for the party to overcome. As they climb the tower, more. A bell nearly kills them as it drops, landing in a crash likely heard from all over the district.

Just before the top, Miro meets his match and is slain by a faceless stalker. The party will never get another chance, so they opt to advance. At the top they meet Xanesha- the architect of it all. She’s a lamia of skill and potency. With magic and spear she nearly kills the surviving members. She is finally bested by an ursine Warren who pushes her out the window. She vanishes into the night, but her plans in ruins.

The victory doesn’t come with a celebration. With Miro dead and the others knocking on death’s door, they search the tower, and find …news.


The ever greedy mayor Grobaras thanks them for their acts of heroism, and “bribes” them to help Magnimar with one more problem. Around the time of the Skinsaw murders, the city’s furthest holding, Fort Rannick, went silent. The Black Arrow rangers are the protectors of goodly folk. The contain the ogres and giants of the mountains. Without their vigilance, evil humanoids would sweep southwest. It’s a long trip, but the mayor pays well. (Not to mention that by sending mercenaries, he’s not on the hook for any causalities if the news from the fort is especially grim.)


shihanmarsh shihanmarsh

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