Rise of the Runelords

Walking Scarecrows

The Skinsaw Murders

Session: 8
Summary Dates: 4 Neth 4707 – 7 Neth 4707
Experience Points: 1,900 each
Fame Events: +1 for saving the townspeople demonstratively.
Downtime Earned: 3

The party is called upon to help out in the Sandpoint countryside. There they find themselves arriving in the nick of time. Inside a dilapidated inn, local farmers have barricaded themselves in from a horde of ghouls led by a ghast. The ghouls descend on the inn, bringing the terror of undeath. The heroes, however, have other plans. They soundly defeat the attack without a single casualty. Their bravery makes a large impact on the farmers, bolstering the reputation of the now famous party.

The fight takes it’s toll on the party, Warren in particular. Bed ridden for almost half a week, he finally recovers from the ghoul touch. Back at full strength the party seeks to resume their search of the Foxglove Manor known as “the Misgivings.”


shihanmarsh shihanmarsh

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