Rise of the Runelords


Burnt Offerings

Session: 5 & 6
Summary Dates: 3 Lamashan 4707 – 2 Neth 4707
Experience Points: 2,785
Fame Events: Defeat Nualia in the ruins of Thistletop +3
Downtime Earned: 30 Days

To the island of Thistletop the party rides. Warren guides them straight and true, bypassing the plants that give the island its name. The island is well defended, and the goblins do what they can to stop them. With a sense of urgency the party breaks down door after door. The fighting is fierce and the havoc is rampant. In the main area of the complex they face Ripnugget, a goblin hero and de facto leader of the goblins on Thistletop. Though the goblins can see in the dark, the party soon finds more than goblins inside. The goblins fall, but the fighting takes a heavy toll on the heroes. After some discussion they opt to push on, descending into the complex below. Though goblins can see in the dark, the way is lighted by lantern, clearly there are other denizens. The brazen approach slows a bit as resources dwindle. A few human sellswords put up a serious fight. One gives in though, taking a deal of mercy offered by Miro. The man’s name is Orik, and with his life he heads towards Sandpoint. The party plans on checking on him later, but for now they press on. Regardless of its original purpose, this floor serves now as a temple to the Bitch Goddess Lamashtu. The iconography is graphic, and whoever is in charge is fond of Yeth Hounds. They even run into the infamous bugbear, Bruthasmus, and lay him low (despite him nearly killing Pen with a surprise arrow.)

A wizard of some skill proves to be the final opponent before a set of stairs leading into the heart of the complex. She gives them a tremendous fight, but is slain while trying to escape. Opting to recover in town the party rushes back at first light. It appears, at first to be abandoned, but as they go below, they find that not everything is gone. Narrowly avoiding a trap, they come across Nualia herself packing the last of her belongings.Nualia_01.jpg With a remaining Yeth Hound, she fights to the death. Were it not for her recovered journal, her story might have been lost to history.

In the short term, the goblin menace facing Sandpoint is most easily dealt with by defeating Nualia; with her out of the picture, her surviving minions quickly fall to bickering among themselves. Shelelu sees to the rest of the goblins of Thistletop, as the heroes of Sandpoint have earned a much needed rest. Even Orik, the erstwhile mercenary sticks around… at least for a little while.

Finally peace has returned to the idyllic town of Sandpoint.

For now.


shihanmarsh shihanmarsh

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