Rise of the Runelords

The Misgivings

The Skinsaw Murders

Session: 9
Summary Dates: 8 Neth
Experience Points: 2,425 each
Fame Events: None
Downtime Earned: None

The Misgivings is the epitome of haunted houses. It rests so close to a cliff that it looks like it could slide in at any moment. The windows are boarded haphazardly and the servant house is completely burned to the ground. The entire property is streaked with a foul smelling mold. Inside all manner of horrors greeted the party. Each person experiences their own twisted nightmare. Incorporeal girls, statues come to life, and near uncontrollable urges to commit suicide all assail the heroes. The haunted house doesn’t give clear answers, and the nature of the haunting is left unclear. All that is revealed is that the Foxglove family seems to have a history of violence and mental issues. Progress is slow and arduous, until they meet the revenant of Iesha Foxglove. Foxglove_Manor.jpg

The party struggles with her briefly, then decides to let her lead them to their ultimate goal. She rushes down into the caverns below the manor. There they meet Aldern, or rather, what’s left of him. Now a ghoul, Aldern is twisted and evil. Somehow his mind dissociated into a trio of personalities. One such personality is the murderer The Skinsaw Man.
The battle is brutal, but ends in victory for the heroes. In recovering from the fight, the party gets their hands on a letter of note….


shihanmarsh shihanmarsh

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