Rise of the Runelords

Local Heroes

Burnt Offerings

Session: 2
Summary Dates: 25 Rova 4707 – 1 Lamashan 4707
Experience Points: 170
Fame Events: None
Downtime Earned: 4 Days

As sandpoint recovers from the attack and buries its (thankfully few) dead, the citizens do their best to get on with their lives. The cathedral is consecrated the next day during a much more subdued and indoor ceremony, but by the end of the week, the goblin attack is remembered mostly with chuckles. Now that the terror of the raid is over, images of goblins accidentally lighting themselves on fire, getting stepped on by horses, or drowning in half-full rain barrels color memories of the raid in an almost comical light. But one thing the locals haven’t forgotten is their new heroes.

The new “Goblinslayers” are rewarded generously by Aldern Foxglove. He grants them not only a small purse of platinum, but also provides them with mounts (even if that gift isn’t easily received.) The new band of heroes joins the noble on a boar hunt. Camraderie is the order of the day and the hunt is fruitful as they bag a massive boar in the Tickwood.

The feast the next night is marred by Ameiko’s belligerent father. Most of the conversation is in the exotic language of Minkaian, but the tenor is apparent. Ameiko’s explanation boils down to a disapproving father. Lonjiku returns, drunk and even angrier to disown his “honorless” daughter. The party overtly sides with the innkeeper, a fact not lost on her.

Sadly, the goblin attack still leaves tragedy to ensue. Goblin_Closet.jpgA goblin, stuck in a closet murders (and likely eats) a family dog and a loving father’s head. Mrs. Barret is inconsolable, but the scene further solidifies the reputation of the Goblinslayers as they make short work of the beast.

It’s the last straw for Sheriff Hemlock. He calls in Shelelu Andosana, a local elven ranger and expert on the goblins in Varisia. She expresses her worries at multiple goblin tribes working in harmony. A plan is formed that she’ll take care of the Hinterlands while the sheriff drums up reinforcements from Magnimar. That leave sthe Goblinslayers to provide a visual presence in town to keep everyone from panic.

A few days later a sabot is tossed into the gears. Ameiko turns up missing, her brother’s note the only clue. Ameiko’s halfling assistant comes straight to the new band of heroes. Without delay the party crosses town to the Glassworks to get to the bottom of things.


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