Rise of the Runelords

Glass and Wrath

Burnt Offerings

Session: 3 & 4
Summary Dates: 1 Lamashan 4707 – 2 Lamashan 4707
Experience Points: 1,220
Fame Events: None
Downtime Earned: 0 Days

The process of glassmaking is as much an art as it is a craft, and one that the Kaijitsu family has held pride in for several generations. After the family was exiled from Tian Xia and made the perilous journey over the crown of the world, their skill at glassmaking played a key role in securing a role among the aristocracy. When the Sandpoint mercantile league was established to found the town, the Kaijitsus were there. Not long after Sandpoint was founded, they began construction of what would become one of the town’s most unique and profitable businesses—the Sandpoint glassworks.

When the heroes arrive at the Glassworks, they find the building curiously silent. Neighbors have noticed the lack of traffic into and from the building, but since the furnace chimney still plumes with smoke, most assume that the building is simply closed to allow Lonjiku and his workers some privacy while they work on a big project. A quick investigation of the building perimeter reveals that curtains have been drawn over the windows and all the doors are locked. The back door makes for an easy entry, and the inside is no less eerie. With a quick reconnoiter, they clear the building, except for the fire room.

This is where all hell breaks loose. A party of goblins, having just completed some murderous havoc, turns to see the party. The combat is chaotic and furious, but ends with eight dead goblins on the floor. One had tried to get downstairs, so the party followed the hint and found a small smuggler’s den. Inside they found a badly beaten Ameiko, but her brother was elsewhere. When the party finally finds him, he leads them through a wide ranging combat in the halls. Tusto’s family training made him a mobile combatant, but eventually he found himself pinned down. Once he surrendered, he had little to say, but his journal gave plenty of insight into his madness.

The journal is twisted and slightly insane, but it does point out a major lead, Thistletop. Luckily for the party, Shelelu is still in Sandpoint to consult. They’re not out of the woods yet however.

A recently unearthed path within the smuggler’s den leads downward to a strange, and ancient series of tunnels and rooms. The new heroes are confused by the odd choices of construction and purpose in the rooms. That confusion is compounded by the freakish creatures that occupy the area. Sinspawn.png

Strange alters, zombies in storage, and evil fountains add to the macabre. Once the party arrives at a massive shrine room, the effect is complete. Within is atiny creature of evil. She seems to be guarding a roiling pool of necromantic energy. Despite her size, she puts up quite the fight before retreating.

Strange indeed. The party returns to town a bit confused as to what just happened. Perhaps answers may be found at Thistletop…


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