Rise of the Runelords

Chasing the Skinsaw

The Skinsaw Murders

Session: 10
Summary Dates: 8 Neth – 13 Neth
Experience Points: 2,425
Fame Events: 0
Downtime Earned: 5 Days (Taken in game)


The party opts to leave the Misgivings to its own tortured existence for now and travel to Magnimar. There they make contact with a local elf and magistrate, a Justice Ironbriar. He directs them to the Foxglove property in the city. It’s outside his jurisdiction, so he can only help them in an unofficial capacity. The party reconnoiters the abandoned house before making their way inside. Once inside they are greeted with a strange sight indeed.

Inside the townhouse they come across Iesha and Aldern Foxglove. Shocked at seeing them alive the party listens eagerly to what the erstwhile couple has to say. The tense moment erupts into combat when the couple attacks. As they fall it is revealed that they’re not the real couple, but rather Faceless Stalkers. The mystery deepens.

After wiping away the blood of combat, ├×un uncovers the secret cache that the pair was looking for in the mantle. It contains a ledger with some interesting entries. The majority are mundane, but several entries near the end catch the cleric’s attention. There are nearly a dozen labelled "Iesha’s trip to Absalom. The payments for these trips are 200 Gold each and go to someone simply known as “B-7”. Payment is dropped off at “The Seven’s Sawmill” at Midnight every Oathday. This, coupled with a document concerning the ownership of Foxglove Manor only deepen the mystery. Handout_2-6.gif

The party locates, then stakes out, the sawmill. Unsure of what they expect to find, they debate between waiting outside or exploring within. They opt for within. Inside they find the mill entirely operated by Skinsaw Cultists. They fight their way upstairs, only to find Justice Ironbriar and his retinue. They play at being on the case, but it is soon discovered that the justice is, himself, in on the plot. He hurls spells, but falls to the ever strengthening party. A thorough search of the area reveals another link in the chain of clues. A carrier pidgeon of the late justice flies straight towards a location in Magnimar known as the “Shadow Clock Tower.” It’s a decrepit location in a bad section of town.


Achievement Unlocked: The Skinsaw Murders PFS Chronicle.

Chasing the Skinsaw
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