Rise of the Runelords

A Murder Most Foul & The Thing in the Attic

The Skinsaw Murders

Session: 7
Summary Dates: 3 Neth 4707 – 4 Neth 4707
Experience Points: 750 each
Fame Events: None
Downtime Earned: None

A mysterious killer is at large in Sandpoint, but few in town know that a murderer stalks their streets at night. The murderer is truly depraved, and the carnage is not for the weak of stomach. Sheriff Balor recruits the party to help keep the crimes quiet and prevent the town from relapsing into the panic that gripped them several years ago when another murderer, a man named Chopper, menaced the town. The scene at the mill is gruesome. There are two victims at the scene. The first is alocal’s young daughter. She seems to be a victim of circumstance, but the other, a local miller is propped up in a ritual fashion with a sihedron carved into his chest. The party checks out the clues which draw them away from the obvious suspect of Katrine’s father and the Miller’s partner Harker. The sheriff also keys them into a murder a few days previous. The murderer was caught and sent to a sanatorium South of town.

The sanatorium is run by one Erin Habe. A nervous man who prefers not to have the party visit. Still they insist on speaking to Grayst Sevilla, the murderer in question. The interview is delayed, however, by the other “doctor” on site. The doctor is actually a necromancer named Caizarlu Zerren. He tries to stop the party by force, but after a long struggle he falls, as do his zombie guards. The defeated Erin gives the party free reign after the fight. Unfortunately Grayst is on death’s door. He has an advanced state of ghoul fever. Before euthanizing him he passes on a cryptic message for the party, something about “The Misgivings” which is a local sobriquet for the Foxglove manner. The party decides to check out the abandoned residence of their friend Aldern’s family. Unfortunately for them, rumors of ghouls side tracks the trip.


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